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Yusuf (Cat Stevens) – Roadsinger

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Yusuf’s return to his guitar came about when his teenage artist-musician son, Muhammad (aka Yoriyos), brought one home again. One morning, Yusuf was alone in the lounge when he looked over and felt a draw of curiosity overtake him. He slowly picked it up. “I put my fingers on the fretboard to make a ‘C’ chord,” he remembers, “and surprised myself, ‘It’s still there!’ It felt right. So I started playing again.” On the ‘Roadsinger’ album, Yusuf even plays electric guitar on a couple of tracks, along with keyboards.

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With his reintroduction to the pop world behind him, renowned singer-songwriter Yusuf (the artist known as Cat Stevens) is ready to once again strike up an intimate relationship with his audience. After retreating from the pop stage following classic ’70s multi-platinum albums such as Tea For The Tillerman and Teaser And The Firecat and acclaimed hits such as “Wild World,” “Peace Train,” “Moonshadow,” “Morning Has Broken” and “Father And Son,” Yusuf returned in late 2006 with his first pop album in 28 years. Now a second album, Roadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night), is presented for our listening pleasure.
The album, Roadsinger (To Warm You Through The Night), was produced by the now singularly named Yusuf with help from Martin Terefe (James Morrison, Jason Mraz, Martha Wainwright), and recorded around the world. Guests include James Morrison, Michelle Branch, and Holly Williams (granddaughter of Hank Williams, Sr.).
The title track, “Roadsinger,” unfolds the tale of an outcast who revisits his old hometown; along the empty street a child peeks from behind a store window and gives an innocent smile out of the shadows of prejudice. The album also showcases some songs from his musical Moonshadow. “The story takes place on a planet of perpetual night where only the moon’s shine lights the darkness; it is about a boy’s meeting with his Moonshadow and the adventures they share in search for the a world of the sunlight and happiness. As well as having many new songs, the surrealistic musical, “Moonshadow” also weaves classic songs from his past, including ‘Morning Has Broken’, ‘Wild World’ and The First Cut Is The Deepest.”

• Premium audiophile pressing on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl
• Gatefold jacket
• 20-page booklet


1. Welcome Home
2. Thinking ‘Bout You
3. Everytime I Dream
4. The Rain
5. World O’ Darkness
1. To Be What You Must
2. This Glass World
3. Roadsinger
4. All Kinds of Roses
5. Dream On (Until…)
6. Shamsia



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