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Yamamoto Sound Craft : Vacuum tube Power Amplifier A-08SKIT


Yamamoto Sound Craft of Japan is a high-end machine shop. They produce in-house whatever custom parts their audio division requires to go Kai-Zen – build big dreams in tiny steps. Wooden head shells. Cartridge parts. Precision meters. Teflon tube sockets with gold or silver-plated phosphor bronze (copper/zinc alloy) contacts. Wooden horns. Wooden tube sockets. Resin-impreganted Japanese Cherry wood panels that are hydraulically compressed, then vacuum-formed and phenol-injected to obtain Bakelite-type qualities and become hard enough to be precision CNC milled. Vintage-style tube shields. Solder lugs using the same Complite wood composite bases as the cover panels. C-core output, power and choke transformers. Ebony footers using NOS Japanese stock. Hermetically encapsulated coupling capacitors in Ebony cylinders to prevent long-term leakage. Custom speaker terminals. You get the picture. Off the shelf and over the counter are two phrases Shigeki Yamamoto does not understand.

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The A-08 amplifier under review is Yamamoto’s 8th amplifier model and incorporates everything its designer has learned. Yamamoto says he uses a simple but clever circuit and a minimum of very high-quality parts, many of which are created in-house to provide the ultimate performance from the circuit. Yamamoto-San regards the design of the A-08 to be a novel and elegant approach that deviates somewhat from conventional thinking.


Form: 45 single stereo power amplifiers
Use vacuum tube: “45” (the vintage articles made in U.S.) 2 pcs, 717A 2 pcs, “80” 1 pc all standard belonging
Biggest output: 2W+2W
Frequency characteristic: 18-30kHz (1W output at the time of)
Input impedance: 200k ohms
External form measure: 400 (W) 294 (D) 204 (H)
Weight: 14.3

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Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions 0.294 × 0.400 × 0.204 cm