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Yamamoto Sound Craft : Vacuum Tube Power Amplifier A-011 (2A3 single, without output tubes)


Yamamoto Sound Craft of Japan is a high-end machine shop. They produce in-house whatever custom parts their audio division requires to go Kai-Zen – build big dreams in tiny steps. Wooden head shells. Cartridge parts. Precision meters. Teflon tube sockets with gold or silver-plated phosphor bronze (copper/zinc alloy) contacts. Wooden horns. Wooden tube sockets. Resin-impreganted Japanese Cherry wood panels that are hydraulically compressed, then vacuum-formed and phenol-injected to obtain Bakelite-type qualities and become hard enough to be precision CNC milled. Vintage-style tube shields. Solder lugs using the same Complite wood composite bases as the cover panels. C-core output, power and choke transformers. Ebony footers using NOS Japanese stock. Hermetically encapsulated coupling capacitors in Ebony cylinders to prevent long-term leakage. Custom speaker terminals. You get the picture. Off the shelf and over the counter are two phrases Shigeki Yamamoto does not understand

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Single stereo amplifier A-011

We made it become possible to constitute a quality system. In the attenuator unit of every exception, a needed connecting cable is also omissible, and since wiring can also be performed by the shortest distance, a quality rise at these points cannot be overlooked, either. It is the optimal amplifier for the person of an idea as liking to reproduce an own reproduction system by the quality highest with the minimum composition. A-011 the driver stage and the output stage 1 since it consists of only this vacuum tube, if CD player is connected, the sound of CD will be played only through only two vacuum tubes. This can be called system of ultimate simple composition. A-011 will prove the sound quality merit of simple is the best.

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