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Willie Nelson : Willie and the Wheel : Asleep at the Wheel


Asleep at the Wheel has been reviving western swing music for almost forty years and Willie Nelson has been playing, well, just about every type of music (except maybe rap) for well over forty. The two acts come together on February 3 to salute the western swing sound on Willie and the Wheel .

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Ray Benson told the 9513 – Willie s our lead singer, and we do all the Western swing stuff and I mean the old stuff. Milton Brown, Cliff Bruner, Spade Cooley, Bob Wills. It s got Willie, the Wheel, and some horns. It s gonna be pretty cool.-

In a separate interview with Live Daily, Benson explained the origins of the album – Jerry Wexler originally came up with this concept back when Willie was on the Atlantic label but before the record could be made, Willie left Atlantic for CBS Records and so the idea was shelved.-

Jump ahead to 2007 when the Wheel went out on the Last of the Breed tour with Nelson, Ray Price and Merle Haggard. Wexler went to one of the shows and started pushing to do the album again.

– Jerry wanted us to do this album and I’m glad we got to do it for him, and that he heard it before he passed on,- Nelson said in a statement.

Benson says they are also planning a tour together starting February 11 in Red Bank, New Jersey. – Willie and I are cooking up quite a concert. Not only will we be playing songs from the new album, we’ll also perform Willie’s classics together with Asleep at the Wheel and a full horn section. There will be a few surprises too!-
– Vintage Vinyl News

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