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Wes Montgomery – Down Here On The Ground


Sales figures of the first two LPs for World Pacific Records were minimal at the time when Wes Montgomery’s first band was purely a family affair called The Montgomery Brothers. From California, Wes travelled eastwards, and the Riverside label produced his first jazz recordings. But it was with the label Verve and Creed Taylor, who had risen to the position of producer, with whom he made his true success story.

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Let’s talk money! Creed Taylor left Verve and took several musicians with him, including Montgomery. The CTI-Concept with strings, flutes and oboes led to “easy-listening jazz” – but in Wes Montgomery’s case it was sheer delight. Film themes, bossa nova and themes from the world of pop created a mixture that forced one to concentrate on the fine nuances and rhythmic detail of this new concept. Flights of double octaves, finely chiseled rhythms, block chords, and a highly individual sound which has yet to be equaled are especially effective in well-known pop songs such as I Say A Little Prayer (just try this number to whet your appetite!) and in the blues composition Goin’ On To Detroit.
Pecunia non olet! Let’s hope that Wes Montgomery, maestro of the strong thumb (so called because he played without the use of a plectrum), was able to thoroughly enjoy spending his advance payment for his last official release before his untimely death after a heart attack in his home town of Indianapolis on 15 June1968 at the age of only 43.


Wind Song
Georgia On My Mind
The Other Man’s Grass Is Always Greener
Down Here On The Ground
Up And At It; Goin’ On To Detroit
I Say A Little Prayer For You
When I Look In Your Eyes
Know It All
The Fox


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