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U2 – October

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U2’s most openly spiritual album, in which Bono wrestles with faith, doubt and devotion and does it all live on the microphone, calling out to the Lord like a preacher speaking in tongues, the Holy Spirit coursing through his veins. It was a high wire act, a white knuckle affair, a musical Rorschach test. There is little polish and finesse about the lyrics on October but they are extraordinarily alive and revealing, a genuine example of Van Morrison’s much vaunted “inarticulate speech of the heart.”

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Quite boldly, the record placed an emphasis on religion and spirituality, particularly in the songs “Gloria” (featuring a Latin chorus of “Gloria, in te domine”), “With a Shout (Jerusalem)”, and “Tomorrow”. About the album, Bono declared in 2005: “Can you imagine your second album- the difficult second album- it’s about God?”

The album’s recording was complicated when the briefcase containing Bono’s lyrics was stolen by fans after a show. The band already booked studio time and thus had to continue recording in spite of this, even improvising lyrics on some songs. Bono said of the recording process of October, “I remember the pressure it was made under, I remember writing lyrics on the microphone, and at £50 an hour that’s quite a pressure. Lillywhite was pacing up and down the studio…he coped really well. And the ironic thing about October is that there’s a sort of peace about the album, even though it was recorded under that pressure. A lot of people found October hard to accept at first, I mean, I used the word ‘rejoice’ precisely because I knew people have a mental block against it. It’s a powerful word, it’s lovely to say. It’s implying more than ‘get up and dance, baby.’ I think October goes into areas that most rock ‘n’ roll bands ignore. When I listen to the album, something like ‘Tomorrow,’ it actually moves me.” The briefcase was eventually recovered in October 2004, and Bono greeted its return as “an act of grace.


1. Gloria
2. I Fall Down
3. I Threw A Brick Through A Window
4. Rejoice
5. Fire
1. Tomorrow
2. October
3. With a Shout
4. Stranger in a Strange Land
5. Scarlet
6. Is That All?


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