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Thelonious Monk – Thelonious Alone in San Francisco

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This is an album created, you might say, by stripping things down to the essentials; a bare hall, recording equipment, and one highly talented musician. When that Musician is THELONIOUS MONK, it should not be at all surprising that the result is as intriguing and challenging a program as you could hope to get from any jazz combination of any size.

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Alone in San Francisco begins with Monk’s fundamental blues, “Blue Monk, full of proud New York Stride with a strolling, if not skipping bass line. Monk’s time is perfect and is maintained in the left hand which occasionally, and always at the right time, hitting the root notes propelling the piece. “Ruby, My Dear like “Blue Monk exists as a Monk standard often covered by contemporary pianists. Here, Monk approaches the piece as if getting used to it. Mock hesitance at first then full bore stride confidence in the solo, which rolls out fully conceived. “Bluehawk picks up where “Blue Monk left off, fracturing the stride and twelve bars further, allowing Monk the rhythmic and harmonic freedom to further is unique vision.


1. Blue Monk
2. Ruby, My Dear
3. Round Lights
4. Everything Happens to Me
5. You Took the Words Right Out Of My Heart
1. Bluehawk
2. Pannonica
3. Remember
4. There’s Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie
5. Reflections


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