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Thelonious Monk – Something in Blue


Art Tatum’s famous saying, “There’s no such thing as a wrong note, it all depends on how you resolve it.” With Monk, there’s no such thing as a wrong rhythm, provided you can have fun fooling the listeners. It just goes to show that, excellent though Art Blakey is on this album, ultimately Monk is his own Blakey, just as he is probably his own most intelligent critic.


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Alan Bates took Thelonious Monk into the studio for his first trio recording in fifteen years with his old sidekick Art Blakey. It has been said often enough that Blakey is the ideal drummer for Monk, and one has only to hear them together again after all this time to realize the truth of the statement. If Blakey at times seems to push the pianist almost too hard, that is in fact the nature of their musical relationship. And, throughout the session, Blakey appeared to be vying with the producer in alternately cajoling and coercing Monk into fulfilling various requests from the small invited audience.
Recording: November 1971 at Chappell Studios, London, by John Timperley
Production: Alan Bates
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1. Blue Sphere
2. Hackensack
3. Nice Work If You Can Get It
4. Criss Cross
1. Something in Blue
2. Evidence
3. Jackie-ing
4. Nutty


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