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Thelonious Monk Quintet – Five by MONK by Five

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This is the tenth album that Thelonious Monk, one of the truly significant figures of modern jazz, has recorded for Riverside. Like all the LPs that have preceded it, this one is brimming over with vitality, wit, and creative originality.
This is, specifically, a quintet album. It is deliberately, and not at all accidentally, a quintet album : conceived and executed throughout as “Five by Monk by Five”. The ‘five’ are made up of what was, at the time of recording, Monk’s regular working quartet, plus Thad Jones.


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Recorded in 1959 for Riverside, Thelonious Monk’s 5 By Monk By 5 is exactly that: 5 Monk originals played in a quintet setting. Monk, who was famous for trying to showcase many of the lesser-known talents out there, uses this album as an opportunity to highlight the cornet playing of Thad Jones, and the two new pieces on this album, “Jackie-ing” (named for Monk’s niece) and “Played Twice,” were written with Jones’ cornet playing in mind.
The quintet is filled out by Charlie Rouse (tenor sax), Sam Jones (bass), and Art Taylor (drums). Rouse would go on to become one of Monk’s main sidemen over the next decade.


1. Jackie-ing
2. Straight, No Chaser
3. Played Twice
1. I Mean You
2. Ask Me Now



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