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Thelonious Monk Quartet – Misterioso

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(Recorded at the Five Spot Cafe, New York City : August 1958
The most impressive point to be made about his record is that it is a product of precisely the same night’s work as the earlier Riverside album, Thelonious Action; the two are in all respects a matched set. On the evening of August 7, 1958, recording equipment was rather precariously set up in the always-overcrowded Five Spot, the room where Monk had made his triumphant recent return to the New York club scene and was now appearing with a new quartet featuring Johnny Griffin. This turned out to be the first successful live recording of Thelonious (he had rejected the results of a night’s work here a month earlier), and the substantial number of Monk-approved performances were readily programmed onto two full and equally memorable albums.


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AllMusic Review by Lindsay Planer
This is the second long-player to be taken from the same August 1958 Five Spot recordings that had yielded the similarly brilliant Thelonious in Action The quartet heard on these sets includes Monk (piano), Johnny Griffin (tenor sax), Roy Haynes (drums), and Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass). Their overwhelming and instinctual capacities directly contribute to the powerful swingin’ and cohesive sound they could continually reinvent. While these are Monk’s tunes, arrangements, and band, it is Griffin who consistently liberates the performances. During “Nutty,” his flurry of activity — which adeptly incorporates several lines from “Surrey With the Fringe on Top” — has a maniacal swing that is highlighted by some definitive counterplay from both Haynes and Monk. Additionally, the transition between Haynes and Monk is organic and seemingly psychic. “Blues Five Spot” — a 12-bar blues homage to their current residence — features solos from each band member. Griffin and Monk again display the seemingly innate ability to instantly recalculate chord structures as well as transmute melodies. The show-stopping solo vamp from Griffin hurls the rhythm along while simultaneously dropping in quotes from other tunes — such as the theme for the animated Popeye cinematic shorts. Malik’s brief solo, like his band interaction, is underrated yet precisely executed. The title track is given an exploratory performance. While Griffin aptly seizes the reins to blow his bop onslaught, Haynes’ natural and subdued agility perfectly supports the extended tenor solo, creating some unique passages. Ironically, the one Monk solo performance, “Just a Gigolo,” is the only composition not by Monk.

“…thanks to the outstanding mastering choices and the 4 side, 45rpm spread, dynamics and instrumental timbres are believable and the overall effect is of a lively, vivid presentation with great image three dimensionality and rhythmic drive…Listening to this great reissue is about as close as you can come to being at The Five Spot Cafe, August of 1958. Highly recommended! These limited editions are sure to sell out, if not sooner, then later, and they will become collector’s items in the (not to distant).


1. Nutty (Thelonious Monk)
2. Blues Five Spot (Monk)
3. Lets Cool One (Monk)
1. In Walked Bud (Monk)
2. Just a Gigolo (Caesar-Casucci)
3. Misterioso (Monk)


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