The Velvet Underground – VU

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Ten tracks were chosen for release and mixing commenced at Media Sound Studios. It soon became apparent that the vitality of the band captured on tape, coupled with today’s technical capabilities, was to produce dynamic results.

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VU was the first authorized look at what Velvet Underground fans have come to call “the Great Lost Album,” and the more straightforward presentation of these recordings on the 2014 Super Deluxe edition of The Velvet Underground is probably truer to the original intent, but VU was assembled with real care, and it shows — the sequence flatters the songs, and the music is a reminder that this band wasn’t as alienating as many writers like to suggest. The Velvet Underground were fearless groundbreakers, but they could also play tough but joyous rock & roll that made people want to dance, and that side of the band stands proudly at front and center on VU.


1. I Cant Stand It
2. Stephanie Says
3. Shes my Best Friend
4. Lisa Says
5. Ocean
1. Foggy Notion
2. Temptation Inside Your Heat
3. One Of These Days
4. Andys Chest
5. Im Sticking With You


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