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The Monty Alexander Trio Live at Montreux


From the opening track, Ahmad Jamal’s ”Nite Mist Blues” (a long-time favorite theme of Monty’s by one of his favorite keyboard men), the audience, applauding each shift of mood and tempo, leaves no shadow of doubt about its enthusiasm and receptivity.

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In the heart of the Black Forest, a region not only famous for its smoked ham and cherry gateau, the great-though-small record company MPS was active over many years. Label-owner was the producer and confirmed jazz enthusiast Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer whose excellent live recordings, made in his own villa, have long become legendary.
That the private label could hold its own on an international level is more than proved by the present recording made by the Monty Alexander Trio at the Montreux Festival in 1976.
A world of truly hand-made music is conjured up by the Trio in the electrifying live atmosphere, – music filled with melodic and harmonic intensity and rhythmic agility. Blues passages are abruptly crossed by breaks, the old favorite Feelings has surely never been performed with such feeling, and finally the three musicians invite us to really let ourselves go with their Battle Hymn Of The Republic from the American War of Secession.
This recording is not only one of MPS’s true gems but also one of the most important recordings which Monty Alexander made in the “old world”. It goes without saying that the recorded sound is as fresh and pure as the mountain air in the Black Forest.


1. Nite Mist Blues
2. Feelings
3. Satin Doll
1. Work Song
2. Drown In My Own Tears
3. Battle Hymn of the Republic


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