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The Beatles – In The Beginning


“…And probably, in my opinion anyway, we reached our stage peak in Hamburg. That was well before we were famous, and so the people who came to see us were drawn by our music, or whatever atmosphere we created… And we got to be very good as a band, because we had to play for eight hours a night… We got together a big repertoire of some originals, but mainly we did all the old rock things… At first, when we went on the road as a famous group, it was good fun. But we soon found out that we had to play our records to promote them. We could only sing our hits and none of the old rock things we’d loved doing in Liverpool and Hamburg… as I said, we got very tight as a band in Hamburg…” – George Harrison

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The Beatles In the Beginning on LP from Wax Cathedral

Seminal Early Beatles Recordings as Backing Band for Singer Tony Sheridan

Includes Rare Lennon/Harrison Instrumental “Cry for a Shadow” and Lennon-Led “Ain’t She Sweet”

This is where the legend starts. Serving as the backing musicians for British rock singer Tony Sheridan, the Beatles turned out the most productive studio session of their formative years in June 1961 in Hamburg, a historical occasion documented on the seminal In the Beginning. Billed as the Beat Brothers, the group that evolved into the Fab Four counted original member Pete Best on drums and largely supply Sheridan with rhythmic foundations for traditional cuts such as Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say” and Lieber-Stoller’s “Ruby Baby,” as well as a batch of originals.

Most importantly, the date also produced the rare jazzy instrumental “Cry for a Shadow,” the only Beatles track ever credited to Lennon-Harrison. Another essential gem is “Ain’t She Sweet,” an early 20th century hit covered here with lead vocals by John Lennon. Most importantly, this treasured LP affords music fans from around the world an early glimpse into the instrumental abilities and harmonic sound of a band that would, within two years, become the most important and popular ensemble in history.

Historians and collectors, take note: These performances occurred long before the quartet’s similarly prized artifact Live at the Hamburg Club 1962, making this album the earliest official recording of the Beatles available.

• Wax Cathedral LP Pressed at RTI
• Dead Quiet Surfaces
• Earliest Official Recording of the Beatles Available
• Historical and Collector’s Item
• Billed as the Beat Brothers with Pete Best Listed on Drums
• Early Beatles Recordings as Backing Band for Tony Sheridan
• Includes Rare Recordings, “Cry for a Shadow” The Only Beatles Track Ever Credited to Lennon-Harrison and Lennon’s Cover of “Ain’t She Sweet”
• Deluxe Gatefold Jacket with B&W Pictures of The Beatles & Comments from Tony Sheridan Inside!


1. Ain’t She Sweet
2. Cry for a Shadow
3. Let’s Dance
4. My Bonnie
5. Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby
6. What’d I Say

1. Sweet Georgia Brown
2. When the Saints Go Marching In
3. Ruby Baby
4. Why
5. Nobody’s Child
6. Ya Ya…


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