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The Alan Parsons Project : The Turn Of A Friendly Card


The Classic Hybrid DVD Audio Disc (HDAD) is a two-sided DVD disc with 24/192 PCM data playable on DVD Audio players on one side, and 24/96 PCM data playable on DVD Video players on the other side. The Classic HDAD is a truly universal DVD disc playable on all DVD players. So if you have a DVD video player, you can play the DVD Video side of the HDAD – insert the disc with the Blue center ring facing up and enjoy 24/96 playback resolution. On a DVD Audio player, simply flip the disc over with the Red ring facing up and enjoy 24/192 playback resolution.

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With two of Alan Parsons Project’s best songs, the lovely ballad “Time” and the wavy-sounding “Games People Play,” The Turn of a Friendly Card remains one of this group’s most enjoyable albums. Parsons’ idea, the subject of the album’s six tracks, centers around the age-old temptation of gambling and its stranglehold on the human psyche. On “Games People Play,” vocalist Lenny Zakatek sounds compelling and focused, giving the song a seriousness that aids in realization of the album’s concept. This 24/194 HDAD was made from a transfer of the original flat analog master tape obtained directly from Alan Parsons and offers a level of detail and clarity never before heard from the great recording and musical composition.


1. May Be a Price to Pay
2. Games People Play
3. Time
4. I Don’t Wanna Go Home
5. The Gold Bug
6. The Turn of a Friendly Card
i. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part one)
ii. Snake Eyes
iii. The Ace of Swords
iv. Nothing Left to Lose
v. The Turn of a Friendly Card (part two)


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