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Tap Tap – Lanzafame


“Tap Tap is the wondrous new creation from Pete And The Pirates’ Thomas Sanders. 11 tracks of gloriously wayward lo-fi indie that touches on Arcade Fire, Belle And Sebastian, Pavement and even the Kinks. Effortlessly immaculate songs that soar to the sky and float on fluffy melodic clouds but with the constant danger of DIY indie storms. Highly recommended!!” — PICCADILLY RECORDS

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David Bowie lists Tap Tap’s “100,000 Thought” at number three in his top ten songs of the moment in the Times – March 16, 2007

“Tap Tap’s initial tag was that they were the U.K. equivalent of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and there’s definitely something of that astringent, choppy post-punk with high vocals feeling to what’s at work. But there’s a key difference — Tap Tap, a one-man act (one Sir Thomas Sanders, whose nobility may or may not be in question) with some help here and there — brings in Wire and the Minutemen to the equation thanks to many of the song lengths, which if not quite so abbreviated aren’t out to waste any time. As a result, Lanzafame is just about what it needs to be: quick, enjoyable, and at its best a fine twist on the continuing late-’70s/early-’80s revival.

“Perhaps intentionally, the longest song (at five minutes) is the first, “100,000 Thoughts” serves as a good statement of purpose thanks to the brisk but brawling drums, the immediate if minimal acoustic/electric guitar melody, and Sanders’ unquestionably ghost-of-David Byrne (and a bit of Andy Partridge) vocals. But after that it’s one quick hit after another, and while this is ultimately pleasant instead of deathless…” —ALL MUSIC GUIDE


1. 100,000 Thoughts
2. She Doesn’t Belong
3. To Our Continuing Friendship
4. Here Cometh
5. Little Match (Big Fire)
6. On My Way
1. Talk Slowly
2. Off The Beaten Track
3. Way To Go, Boy
4. The Reason I’m Here
5. What A Clever Thing To Say



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