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Sounds of Synanon : Joe Pass


There are times in the ironic drama of Life when happiness and fulfillment bloom out of misery and despair.  The modern jazz Sounds of Synanon were born in the deepest misery and degradation and in the most hopeless despair, for the seeds of the music were planted in seven individuals whose lives had been blighted by drug addiction.

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A significant recording, as this is Joe Pass’ debut on vinyl. It was recorded while Pass was still a patient at the Synanon Drug Center in California. Made with fellow patients, Pass proved to be a star. It is interesting to note that Pass played an electric solid body Rock guitar, as he did not even own a guitar at this time. His legendary chops are especially evident on “Projections” and “Hang Tough”, featuring some of his cleanest playing ever recorded. His accompanists prove to be adequate, but hardly approach the genius of Pass. A landmark recording in the history of Jazz Guitar.


1. C.E.D.
2. Aaron’s Song
3. Stay Loose
4. Projections
1. Hang Tough
2. Self-Image
3. Last Call For Coffee


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