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Sonny Rollins : What’s New?


Sonny Rollins’ mid-sixties experiment with bossa nova was completely different than was Stan Getz “Jazz Samba”. Rollins stayed true to his bop and avant garde roots, using bossa nova as a surgeon uses a scalpel, to dissect and deconstruct familiar melodies and turn them into something new. This hip reinterpretation of standards is Sonny’s trademark, and in this album it’s uncompromising.

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The whole album is interesting and highly original, but I will only comment on one cut, Rollins’ deconstruction of a sentimental broadway ballad from “Camelot”. He takes the kitsch out of this tune and turns it into a fierce meditation on the origins of jazz, the mystery of rhythm, and the fundamental particles of melody. Rollins’ version of “If Ever I Would Leave You” is nothing less than this: one of the greatest tenor solos in the history of jazz.


1. If Ever I Would Leave You
2. Jungoso
1. Bluesongo
2. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
3. Brownskin Girl


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