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Sonny Rollins – Our Man in Jazz


Improvisation in its truest sense is the keynote of this extraordinary album. Recorded at the Village Gate in New York City, these performances are unusually spontaneous even for an artist as freely creative as Sonny Rollins. Their shape, length, and internal structure are completely unrehearsed and are the product of the instant reaction of each member of the quartet to each moment of spontaneous creation.

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In retrospect the 1960’s must be viewed as a golden age for creativity in jazz. Musicians like Sonny Rollins were experimenting with the ” Free ” concepts of Ornette Coleman and Cecil Taylor and eventually adding some of these ideas to their own post-bop vocabulary. Rollins in particular proved to be very successful at this – in all truthfulness because of his probing and analytic outlook he was probably heading in this direction anyway. This is a particularly fascinating release as it shows Rollins in a period of great change.

This album is an old friend on vinyl. Everyone is on great form – Rollins is even experimenting with such effects as split tones and multi-phonics. Although there is no piano or guitar on any of these titles the lack of any chordal accompaniment is not missed – indeed it is often easier to hear the interplay between the instruments and it was possibly more conducive to an increased reaction from the performers.
This is a great and underrated jazz album – in its own way as significant as “Giant Steps ” or “Kind Of Blue “and is a foretaste of things to come on such albums as “East Broadway Rundown.”


1. Oleo
1. Dearly Beloved
2. Doxy


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