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Sibelius : Concerto in D minor, Op.47


This, Sibelius’ only violin concerto, was completed in 1903 and contains segments that require virtuosity to do full justice to its technical and interpretive intricacies. Just such a virtuoso, in Tossy Spivakovsky, plays violin on this Everest recording of Tauno Hannikainen conducting The London Symphony Orchestra. The recording is another Bert Whyte sonic triumph on 35mm film. In addition to the concerto, Whyte and team recorded Sibelius’ last tone poem, Tapiola, referred to by many as a consummate masterpiece written with extraordinary simplicity and directness. The LP was cut directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines to playback the original 35mm tapes.

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One of the special achievements of the now defunct Classic Records label is the rediscovery of the majestic sound experience of the Everest 35mm magnetic film recordings through a groundbreaking series of re-releases. During the early 1960s, Everest LPs were recorded in three channels on 35mm magnetic film. The use of magnetic film enabled greater sound fidelity and less background noise than the standard 1/4 “magnetic tape. Westrex constructed special equipment according to Everest’s wishes in order to make full use of the possibilities. Fast forward to the present day: Analogue Productions lets this collection is resurrected through a series of new releases with initially 10 titles. At the time, Bernie Grundman cut lacquer foils at both 33 and 45rpm for the new editions – but the 45rpm versions were never published! Each set of two LPs is in a Stoughton Printing gatefold cover with a hand-applied cover sheet, recognizable by the typical fold, and shows the original artwork including the Everest Records trademark. Both LPs are also in a transparent case for protection. Sibelius’s only violin concerto was completed in 1903 and contains segments that require great virtuosity in order to fully do justice to its technical and interpretational subtleties. Tossy Spiwakowski is one of these virtuosos, he plays the violin on this Everest recording with the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Tauno Hannikainen.


Jean Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D minor op. 47, “Tapiola” (symphonic poem) op. 112 – Tossy Spivakovsky (v) and the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tauno Hannikainen


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