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Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5 Opus 47


Shostakovich and his remarkable Fifth Symphony is not to be found in any books or annotations.  It must be learned from the music itself.  It is only by the impact of this work on our own sensibilities that we can truly say of its creator , “Ecce homo!”

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The works dominant character is established immediately with the opening leaping figure (appearing as a canon at the octave) that is the most significant of the four elements making up the first teme – and indeed a kind of motto-theme or epigraph for the entire symphony. The post-Beethovenian intensity is maintained in the pulsing, dotted rhythm accompanying the irregular but broad melody of the second theme.

1. First Movement – Moderato
2. Second Movement – Allegretto
1. Third Movement – Largo
2. Fourth Movement – Allegro Non Troppo


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