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Sarah McLachlan : Afterglow


McLachlan was nominated in five Juno Award categories in Canada, including Album of the Year and Pop Album of the Year for Afterglow, and Songwriter of the Year for the songs on the album. The awards were announced on 4 April 2004. The album was also nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Pop Vocal Album field in 2005.

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The Analogue Productions/QRP pressing reissue treatment delivers sonics and luxury packaging second to none for discerning collectors. Now we’ve given three titles by Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan this premier makeover and you reap the benefits: “Solace”, “Mirrorball” and “Afterglow”. Each on 45rpm LP and Hybrid SACD.
McLachlan’s rebellion is hushed on “Afterglow”, her first studio album since 1997’s “Surfacing”. At times even the piano chords at the heart of the sound are tucked neatly beneath layer upon layer of strings and overdubbed voices. Listen to what’s being sung within this soothing aural bed, though, and hear the just-before-sleep murmurings of the quietest riot girl: I’m a train wreck waiting to happen … a wildfire born of frustration, How stupid could I be … you’re no good for me, but you’re the only one I see,I have to push just to see how far you’ll go. The latter song (“Push”) resolves itself with the assurance, You complete me. Ultimately, McLachlan fans will be comforted again by what turns out to be her reliably untroubled aesthetic.

1. Fallen
2. World on Fire
1. Stupid
2. Drifting
3. Train Wreck
1. Push
2. Answer
3. Time
1. Perfect Girl
2. Dirty Little Secret


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