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Ravel/Mihalovici : Sonatas for Violin and Piano


Our Best thanks are due to DGG for giving us all an opportunity, through this excellent performance, of evaluating the work (Ravel Sonata) for ourselves … it is brilliantly played here, with all the requisite lightness and delicacy.

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The entire performance is first-rate. Max Rostal and Monique Haas (the composer’s wife) make light of the work (Mihalovici Sonata)’s formidable difficulties … and the recording is superlative.
The Gramophone Magazine

Maurice Ravel
Sonate fur Violine und Klavier
Allegretto – Blues : Moderato – Perpetuum mobile : Allegro
Marcel Mihalovici
Sonate fur Violine und Klavier op. 45
Allegro molto appassionato – Larghetto cantabile – Molto vivace


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