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Randy Weston’s Music – Little Niles


This album combines Weston’s rhythmically intriguing explorations with the Ellington-like arrangements of Melba Liston and represented a high point in his career at the time. All of the tunes written by Weston were inspired by his children Niles and Pamela. The innocence, excitement, anticipation and tension of childhood are all displayed here in these warm vinyl grooves.


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Starting with the gospel and bop according to Thelonious Monk, Randy Weston gradually absorbed the letter and spirit of African and Caribbean rhythms and tunes, welding everything together into a searching, energizing, often celebratory blend. His piano work ranges across a profusion of styles from boogie-woogie through bop into dissonance marked by a stabbing quality reminiscent of, but not totally indebted to Monk.


1. Earth Birth
2. Little Susan
3. Nice Ice
4. Little Niles
5. Pam’s Waltz
6. Babe’s Blues
7. Let’s Climb a Hill


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