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R L Burnside – Come On In


Here’s R.L. Burnside’s explanation in his own words for Come On In: “I finally done did it. The world can finally hear my sound I’ve been hollerin’ and screaming to let them let me get my hands on the mixing knobs. I’m getting too old to waste my time with stuff that isn’t on the cutting edge. I’m too old to be staying up all night writing songs; I got to spend my time on remixes. I always was a behind-the-scenes kind of man anyway.”

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AllMusic Review by Matthew Hilburn

You have to give a guy credit for trying. In an age when most of the old blues players are either dead or too old to play, R.L. Burnside, the 71-year-old Mississippi native, can still rip dirty juke-joint blues in convincing fashion. Come On In attempts, with some success, to bring one of America’s oldest musical forms into the 21st century by adding sampling and looping techniques to Delta blues. Come On In is a collaboration with Beck mixmaster Tom Rothrock and Alec Empire of Digital Hardcore. Seldom does one see the words “dub,” “remix” and “programming” on a Delta blues album, but R.L. Burnside is no ordinary bluesman. Come On In is a risky move to say the least, and unfortunately, it doesn’t always pay off. The best tracks in the album are the least techno-fied. “Come On In,” a solo shot, and the down-and-dirty “Just Like a Woman” has a non-trip-hopped Burnside mining tough riffs for all their emotion. “Let My Baby Ride” with a stomping, looped beat, is still recognizable as Burnside and works well. On the other hand, “Don’t Stop Honey” and “It’s Bad You Know” take the techno tampering too far, and the results are feckless shells of what were once gritty blues. Next time out, if Burnside gets his ass pocket o’ whiskey, turns down the techno a bit and cranks those amps up, he could be onto something.


1. Been Mistreated
2. Come On In (Live)
3. Let My Baby Ride
4. Don’t Stop Honey
5. It’s Bad You Know
6. Just Like A Woman
7. Come On In (Part 2)
8. Rollin’ Tumblin’ (Remix)
9. Please Don’t Stay
10. Shuck Dub
11. Come On In (Part 3)
12. Heat


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