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Quincy Jones – The Birth Of a Band


The Birth of A Band – could this title be an indication of big-talking self-confidence? Or could it be that Quincy Jones intended to modestly signal to America’s big-band fans (who were, after all, spoiled for choice) that his newly established formation of youngsters was going to play in the ‘first division’ along with the well-established great names? Well, it was probably a mixture of both, for what was hatched out of the egg at the end of the Fifties, and was soon to go on a tour of Europe, set new standards in mainstream jazz. Jones adhered to the unwritten rule of all arrangers in that he kept to the evergreens in order to spotlight his extraordinary talents as a band leader.


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Melodic development, coupled with intense rhythms ranging from hard to gentle, with plenty of room for solo interludes, characterize these early adaptations, all of which display Jones’s unique personal style which eventually wrote jazz history. As is to be expected, a great sound and wonderfully precise harmonies are provided by a line-up of band members, whose names read like a celebrity calendar of contemporary mainstream jazz musicians. That Quincy Jones’s artistry was held in highest esteem by other top-notch colleagues is evident from the cover notes on this album – for they were written by none other than the legendary jazz musician, Count Basie. There’s certainly no better recommendation than that!


The Birth Of A Band
I Remember Clifford
Along Came Betty
Happy Faces
Whisper Not
The Gypsy
A Change Of Pace
Tuxedo Junction


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