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Paco Pena and his Group – Flamenco Puro Live


Here is all the excitement and tradition of Flamenco! The music of the early nomadic gypsies who, in the 15th century entered Spain and lived in Andalucia. There they found a land rich in music and folklore strongly influenced by the varied and largely oriental cultures of the many people who had passed through or settled there.

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The combination of the songs and dances of the Andalucian people and the remarkable gift of the gypsies for music and rhythm gave birth to the art of Flamenco.The Germans have their male-voice choirs, the French the musette, the Scottish the bagpipes, and the Spanish their fandangillo, solear, and tango – or to put it more concisely – flamenco. This music is far more than just folk music passed down from generation to generation, for it combines strict dance form with a free vocal melody and virtuoso guitar playing. Fame equal to that of a toreador is reaped by the few who have mastered this form of art. Paco Pena and his ensemble rank among these few, and it goes without saying that no recording studio in the world can do real justice to the fascination of flamenco.
As the short sub-title puro suggests, this LP certainly lives up to expectations in encapturing an electrifying live atmosphere. Thrilling flourishes on the guitar, the sharp clack of the castanets, the rapid zapateados (heeltaps), and the typical, almost harsh singing are reproduced so clearly and spatially that one cannot help looking around to see where the musicians are standing. Those of a suspicious nature can be sure here that the Phase 4 Process is anything but a publicity stunt.


1. Llanto Gitano
2. La Piedra Escrita
3. Giralda De Sevilla
4. De Badajoz A Madrid
5. Agua, Viento, Nieve Y Frio
1. Ay Mi Romera
2. El Burdon Y La Prima
3. Feria De Sevilla
4. Fiesta De Traina Y Jerez


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