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Nina Simone – Little Girl Blue


Little Girl Blue is the debut album by jazz singer, pianist and songwriter Nina Simone, released by Bethlehem Records. Simone was in her mid-20s at the time, and still aspiring to be a classical concert pianist. Of course, one of Simone’s signature tunes was her version of “I Loves You, Porgy,” which appears here for the first time and was released as a single. Her own “Central Park Blues” is one of the finest jazz tunes here, and it is followed with yet another side of Simone’s diversity in her beautiful take on the folk-gospel tune “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” with quiet and determined dignity and drama. Another of her instrumentals compositions, “African Mailman,” struts proud with deep Afro-Caribbean roots and rhythms.

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“A rare commodity in jazz is a new singer who has something different to say and sufficient technique and voice with which to express it. There are plenty of musical singers who vocalize well and have an individual style but who never cross that thin and hard-to-define line that separates a good “pop” style from one that is jazz. Nina Simone’s first new notes will immediately tell you into which camp she falls. It’s always pleasant to hear a good voice and hers, with its strong individuality, assuredly commands your attention while the aural reward for listening is bountiful. Nina’s musical philosophy regarding her singing is to-the-point enough to be stated in one telling statement – ‘You got to get to people.’ That she does with a vibrant and husky contralto that tonally sounds like a blend of an unlikely combination of Marian Anderson and Ma Rainey.” – Joseph Muranyi, from the original sleeve notes.

1. Mood Indigo
2. Don’t Smoke in Bed
3. He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
4. Little Girl Blue
5. You’ll Never Walk Alone
6. Central Park Blues
7. He Needs Me
1. My Baby Just Cares for Me
2. Good Bait
3. Plain Gold Ring
4. I Loves You Porgy
5. Love Me or Leave Me
6. For All We Know
7. African Mailman


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