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Mary Black – Babes in the Wood


Celtic musician Mary Black is most popular in Ireland. As a female vocalist she has fans’ respect from modern and traditional music with her uncanny knack for unveiling the true meaning of a song. Babes In the Wood topped the charts of Ireland in 1991 for six weeks.

This is a very feminine record, gentle and thoughtful.

“Black is set to conquer a new world.” – Rolling Stone.

“It’s one time that separates her from international stardom.” – The New York Post.

“She connected emotionally with her material practically on a molecular level…a staggering talent, a breathtaking vocalist who hardly fits any conventional mold…” – San Francisco Chronicle.


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Topped Charts In Ireland For Six Weeks!

Featured in Michael Fremer’s Heavy Rotation in the July 2006 Issue of Stereophile!

For a number of years, What Hi-Fi? magazine considered Black’s voice to be so pure, that it was used as an audiophile benchmark for comparing the sound quality of different high fidelity systems. Music critic and lyricist Michael Leahy once said: “Over the years, Mary Black has come to define what many people see as the essence of Irish woman singers: profound, slightly ethereal and beyond the reaches of trends.”
Today, Black is held in high esteem in her native Ireland and beyond and is regarded as one of the most important Irish vocalists of her generation.


1. Still Believing
2. Bright Blue Rose
3. Golden Mile
4. Babes in the Wood
5. The Thorn upon the Rose
6. Just Around the Corner
1. Brand New Star
2. Prayer for Love
3. Adam at the Window
4. The Dimming of the Day
5. Might as Well Be a Slave
6. The Urge for Going


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