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Marcos Valle & Stacey Kent : AO VIVO


Marcos Valle celebrates his 50th career anniversary as a songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist and singer with Stacey Kent’s sweet American voice. Recorded at Miranda, in Rio de Janeiro, the performances here also have the special participation of Jim Tomlinson on saxophone.

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Each track on this LP presents an aspect of Marcos Valle’s various musical facets, mixing genres and rhythms, placing Pop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, World Music, and MPB music side by side. Stacey Kent, one of the most prominent jazz singers in the world, lends her voice to songs like “Summer Samba (Samba de Verăo)”, “If You Went Away (Preciso Aprender a Ser Só)”, “The Face I Love (Seu Encanto)”, “Look Who’s Mine (Dia de Vitória)” and many other of Marcos’ classics. Highly recommended.


1. The White Puma
2. Look Who’s Mine
3. The Face I Love
4. The Answer

1. Drift Away
2. Summer Samba
3. Gente
4. Passa Por Mim
1. Batucada
2. La Petite Valse
3. If You Went Away
1. Pigmaliao 70
2. The Crickets
3. She Told Me, She Told Me
4. My Nightingale


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