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Liszt / Enesco / Smetana : Stokowski Rhapsodies


Maestro Stokowski is at the podium and Bob Simpson is at the 3-track Ampex recorder to capture the Rhapsodies from Liszt, Enesco and Smetana that give this issue its title. This is titanic sound that will sink most speakers and amps for that matter. A must. The original 3-track session tapes were used in mastering for LPs and SACDS

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Smetana was a lover of Nature and the folklore of Bohemia. Liszt was an aristocrat, cultured, a citizen of the world. Enesco was a versatile artist, shy, retiring, with a noble character. But these three personalities, so different, had one thing in common: love of country and the gift of expressing the passions, nostalgia and capricious impulses of their compatriots through the international language of Music.

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