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Lightnin’ Hopkins – The Blues of Lightnin’ Hopkins


“Lightnin’ is among the rewarding acoustic dates Lightnin’ Hopkins delivered in the early ’60s. The session has an informal, relaxed quality, and this approach serves a 48-year-old Hopkins impressively well on both originals like ‘Thinkin’ ‘Bout an Old Friend’ and the familiar ‘Katie Mae’ and enjoyable interpretations of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee’s ‘Back to New Orleans’ and Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup’s ‘Mean Old Frisco.’ Hopkins’ only accompaniment consists of bassist Leonard Gaskin and drummer Belton Evans, both of whom play in an understated fashion and do their part to make this intimate setting successful. From the remorseful ‘Come Back Baby’ to more lighthearted, fun numbers like ‘You Better Watch Yourself’ and ‘Automobile Blues,’ Lightnin’ is a lot like being in a small club with Hopkins as he shares his experiences, insights and humor with you.” – All Music Guide


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Arthur Miller, (Playwright) once said, in a lecture to young writers, “We are all doomed to learn what it is we are writing about”. That point of view could be extended to performers such as Lightnin’ Hopkins. It is dangerous, and the mark of possessiveness rather than love, to attempt to change anything you take pleasure in, simply to make it conform to your own image of things. If it cannot be admired for what it is, it should be left alone. All that would result if Lightnin’ were to believe what is written about him would be half spontaneous performer, half would-be intellectual, no good to anyone.

In his own way, and on his own terms – whatever those may be – Lightnin’ Hopkins is a powerful performer. Listening to the ten magnificent blues performances collected here can be a deeply moving experience.


1. Automobile Blues
2. You Better Watch Yourself
3. Mean Old Frisco
4. Shinin’ Moon
5. Come Back Baby
1. Thinkin’ ‘Bout An Old Friend
2. The Walkin’ Blues
3. Back To New Orleans
4. Katie Mae
5. Down There Baby



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