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Lee Morgan : Candy


I think the most important thing this album illustrates is the beginning of an assimilation, by Morgan, of the many influences he has been exposed to. This album affords Morgan fresh material with which to work and he handles it with a good deal of warmth and humor.

This classic Blue Note session finds trumpeter Morgan not having to battle other horns, just front-and-center with an all-star trio behind him. It was his only quartet recording as a leader for Blue Note. The exquisite Sonny Clark on piano, Doug Watkins’ solid bass and the ever-tasteful Art Taylor behind the drums complete these sessions recorded in Hackensack by RVG in November of 1957 and February of 1958. Loaded with standards, it’s a hard-bop masterpiece that both swings and shows the ballad side of one of the defining young trumpeters from the late 50s to the early 60s.

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“They’re BIG and open and definitely work in stereo because they’re not hard left/right stereo. The cymbals are so “chimey” and the skins so open! Even Rudy’s typical boxy piano isn’t too bad. These are going to be really good….!!!! (Real time reaction after hearing his first test pressing of Horace Parlan’s Speakin’ My Piece LP.)” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine

AllMusic Review by Stacia Proefrock
Recorded when he was only 19, Candy was one of the first albums (along with The Cooker, recorded the same year) where Lee Morgan showed his own unique style. His prodigal technical virtuosity had already been proven at this time in the Dizzy Gilliespie band, but Morgan’s first solo ventures had been remarkable only because of his young age. Here, the influence of some of Morgan’s mentors can be seen, but instead of just emulating the style of older trumpeters like Clifford Brown, he has begun absorbing bits and pieces of the phrasing and style of a wide range of musicians, from Gillespie to Miles Davis, then using them to forge his own sound. Morgan places himself front and center here — there are no other horns to carry the melodic lines, leaving him quite exposed, but he manages to perform beautifully. Not merely a technical marvel, his tone on this album was sweet and his playing fluid, infused with joy and crisply articulated emotion. Morgan would later turn out to be an expert songwriter, but here songs like Buddy Johnson’s “Since I Fell for You,” and Jimmy Heath’s “C.T.A.” gave him ample space to show off his talents.


1. Candy
2. Since I Fell For You
3. C.T.A
1. All The Way
2. Who Do You Love I Hope
3. Personality


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