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Khachaturian – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

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A Hugo Rignold/LSO performance of this brilliant showpiece for orchestra with piano accompaniment performed superlatively by Peter Katin. The recording, another of the great Bert Whyte efforts, was staged in 1959 at London’s famous Walthamstow Hall, the site of many famous Decca recordings.
The LP, as are all reissues from this series, was cut directly from the 35mm magnetic film using a vintage Westrex 1551 tape machine, with specially built playback electronics that are vastly superior to any others used on these machines.

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The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra by Aram Khachaturian was the first work of this colourful composer’s to gain recognition for him and his music in the Western Hemisphere.  From the very first, this brilliant showpiece found a warm reception.  Not only has it remained a popular staple in the repertoire but it can be ranked as one of the two or three outstanding piano concerti written in the last quarter century.


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