Johnny Adams – sings Doc Pomus

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Johnny Adams was always one of Doc Pomus’ favorite singers – and not because of the tricks that he could put into his voice, but because of the feeling. That was what Doc’s songs were all about. They never showed off, they never strained for self-conscious poetics, they didn’t sacrifice specificity but at the same time frequently achieved a true universality.

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Rarely has a singer and a songwriter been so perfectly matched. Johnny Adams possesses one of the most remarkable and expressive voices in popular music today, while the late Doc Pomus wrote some of the most succinctly elegant and enduring songs of the rhythm and blues era. Johnny’s interpretations of Doc’s lyrics are as deep and true as the songs themselves. While this album may be regarded as a retrospective of Doc’s work, many of the songs are new, written expressively for this project. The supporting musicians comprise a New Orleans dream band, with outstanding contributions from arranger/ saxophonist Alvin Red Tyler, guitarist Duke Robillard and pianist/ co-producer Mac Dr. John Rebennack.


1. Imitation of Love
2. Still In Love
3. There Is Always One More Time
4. My Baby’s Quit Me
5. She’s Everything To Me
6. I Underestimated You
1. Blinded By Love
2. Prisoner of Life
3. The Night is a Hunter
4. No One
5. The Real Me


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