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John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers – A Hard Road

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More than a compilation, this album is a complete document of the Bluesbreakers’ recordings with Peter Green, of which “A Hard Road” was just the most prominent part. Contains 16 bonus tracks, including several non-LP singles (among them the 1967 B-side “Rubber Duck,” which has never before appeared on LP.

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AllMusic Review by Richie Unterberger

Eric Clapton is usually thought of as John Mayall’s most important right-hand man, but the case could also be made for his successor, Peter Green. The future Fleetwood Mac founder leaves a strong stamp on his only album with the Bluesbreakers, singing a few tracks and writing a couple, including the devastating instrumental “Supernatural.” Green’s use of thick sustain on this track clearly pointed the way to his use of guitar riffs with elongated, slithery tones on Fleetwood Mac’s “Albatross” and “Black Magic Woman,” as well as anticipating some aspects of Carlos Santana’s style. Mayall acquits himself fairly well on this mostly original set (with occasional guest horns), though some of the material is fairly mundane. Highlights include the uncharacteristically rambunctious “Leaping Christine” and the cover of Freddie King’s “Someday After a While (You’ll Be Sorry).”


1. A Hard Road
2. It’s Over
3. You Don’t Love Me
4. The Stumble
5. Another Kinda Love
6. Hit The Highway
7. Leaping Christine
8. Looking Back
1. Dust My Blues
2. There’s Always Work
3. The Same Way
4. The Supernatural
5. Top Of The Hill
6. Someday After A While (You’ll Be Sorry)
7. Living Alone
8. So Many Roads
9. Mama, Talk to Your Daughter
1. Out of Reach
2. Alabama Blues
3. Sitting in the Rain
4. Greeny
5. Missing you
6. Curly
7. Rubber Duck
1. Rubber Duck
2. Please Don’t Tell
3. Your Funeral and My Trial
4. It Hurts Me Too
5. Double Trouble
6. Jenny
7. Picture On the Wall


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