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John Coltrane : Settin’ The Pace


Coltrane does not do the old Dexter Gordon/Leo Parker duet number, “Settin’ the Pace,” in this set. The overall title merely refers to his preeminence in the jazz world at the time the recording was released in the early Sixties. Recorded in 1958, this session comes from a time when Trane had already played in the Miles Davis Quintet and the Thelonious Monk Quartet and was frequenting Rudy Van Gelder’s New Jersey studio in recording situations backed by the Red Garland Trio.


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This threesome – Garland, Paul Chambers and Arthur Taylor – was a Prestige entity on its own, but had already released such albums with Coltrane as Traneing In and Soultrane. Settin’ The Pace, with its heady combination of seldom-done pop material and Jackie McLean’s intriguing “Little Melonae”, continued the excellent quartet series at a time when Trane was making jazz history at the head of yet another powerful foursome.

The rhythm section here has appeared on several Prestige recordings as the Garland Trio, and both Garland and bassist Paul Chambers were co-members with Coltrane of the Miles Davis Quintet. Drummer Arthur Taylor also worked with Davis for a while. So the highly necessary community of purpose necessary to a successful recording was already there as an element to be used, rather than a needed quality to be strived for.


1. I See Your Face Before Me
2. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You
1. Little Melonae
2. Rise


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