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John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman


“The thing worth raving about here is this top-notch (and pop-free) slab of vinyl from Speakers Corner, which brings the session to life with a you-are-there palpability that I’ve never heard from previous pressings. (Universal’s deluxe CD, from a few years back, sounds like gaslight by comparison.) Hartman’s voice is right there and full-throated; again, I’ve never heard all the subtleties of his vibrato or all the slight accents in his phrasing. Coltrane’s saxophone is in the room. Elvin Jones’ drums bang and whisper. (Listen to that brush-wooshing! You get every wisp and sizzle.) Even McCoy Tyner’s piano, often hooded in Van Gelder sessions, rings clear. Jimmy Garrison’s bass may be a little forward, but it sounds like the pick-up amp, not a recording artifact. This is a gorgeous album, gorgeously mastered and essential.” – Fred Kaplan, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2005, Issue 154

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“Engineered by Rudy Van Gelder, the sound is absolutely stunning. Hartman is right at home with these timeless ballads and the band accompany him perfectly. This is another one of those grab your favorite lady, turn the lights down low (after also pouring your favorite beverage) and just sitting back and enjoying the flow of Hartman and the solos by these artists…Top Recommendation.” – Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 37
The clarinetist Tony Scott, who trod the same musical path as Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, once called the number “Lush Life” “the Mount Everest of Jazz soloists.” Thousands have stood at the foot of the mountain but only a couple of dozen ever made it right to the top. Among these few were the singer Johnny Hartman and the John Coltrane Quartet in March 1963 — not just with that song but with other favorites too. The list extends from “They Say It’s Wonderful” which sounds as though it is clad in black silk, to the lyrical “My One And Only Love,” right up to the light-footed rumba “Autumn Serenade,” here are six true masterpieces which will get right under your skin. Just listen to how relaxed and self-assuredly the crooner’s great voice carries the melody, which is then taken up and continued by John Coltrane on his instrument.


1. They Say It’s Wonderful
2. Dedicated to You
3. My One and Only Love
4. Lush Life
5. You Are Too Beautiful
6. Autumn Serenade


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