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Joan Baez – Gone From Danger


For nearly 50 years, as a singer, musician, social activist, and goodwill ambassador, Joan Baez has kept her pact with the spirit of her voice. Throughout her career, she has followed a pattern of mutual mentoring, begun when she first met Bob Dylan. She continues the pattern with striking results on tours that have included onstage collaborations with a range of talented young writers and performers, including Dar Williams, Eliza Carthy, and Josh Ritter among others.

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And it was on this superb album, originally from 1997, where some of those friendships were set in stone, as Joan tackles a variety of expertly penned and arranged tracks by the likes of Dar Williams, Sinead Lohan, Richard Shindell, Betty Elders, and Mark Addison.


1. No Mermaid
2. Reunion Hill
3. Crack In the Mirror
4. February
5. Fishing
6. If I Wrote You
7. Lily
8. Who Do You Think I Am
9. Mercy Bound
10. Money For Floods


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