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Grant Green : The Final Comedown OST


“The Final Comedown” is a story of anger, it could happen anytime. It is the tale of a young black man, Johnny Johnson, and the classic tragedy of his final comedown.
“I’m not bitter, I was bitter 350 years ago, I’m violent! Hear me Violent”

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A linchpin release in 1967, this album defined the genre known as acid-rock. Led by former folk musician Joe McDonald, the quintet combines engaging melodies with shar, satirical lyrics encompassing different facets of the counterculture – drugs (“Bass Strings”), sex (“Porpoise Mouth”) and politics (“Superbird”) – while the group contributes exquisite, subtle support.


1. Past, Present and Furture
2. The Final Comedown
3. Father’s Lament
4. Fountain Scene
5. Soul Food – African Shop
6. Slight Fear and Terror
1. Afro Party
2. Luanna’s Theme
3. Battle Scene
4. Travelling To Get To Doc
5. One Second After Dark


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