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Glenn Frey – After Hours


Fans of vocal pop, mellow jazz, and sincere expression will want to hear this spectacular-sounding LP in their system. Dim the lights, pour a glass of pinot noir, sit back, relax, and experience the allure within the grooves. Allow Frey to transport you to your own personal small club. You will not regret it.

“His upper range vibrato is perfectly controlled and from wherever he’s singing or sometimes crooning, he sounds 100% in command. But more than the some might say surprising technical expertise he exhibits, Frey’s ability to inhabit the songs and render them suavely from within is impressive…The analog recording is superb and Elliot Scheiner’s mix is seamless. The entire production harkens back to the era of great recordings.”
–Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, June 25, 2012.


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Stunning Audiophile Quality: LP Mastered from the Original Analog Master Tapes and Supervised by Grammy-Winning Engineer Elliot Scheiner

Classy Album of Standards, Classics, and Sincere Love Ballads Inspired by Frey’s Passion for the Art of Song

Romantic, Late-Night Feel of After Hours All About the Piano, Voice, and Setting

Drop Any Expectations at the Door: Frey Exquisite as Sentimental Crooner and Interpreter

Glenn Frey has lived the life in the fast lane. Unveiling an elegant approach on After Hours, the legendary co-founder of the Eagles immerses himself in the mellow music he loved growing up and during his adult life—specifically, standards, classics, and love songs originally rendered by greats such as Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and Brian Wilson.

Rest assured: This two-and-half-year project has nothing to do with putting a smooth contemporary polish on songbook gems or reinventing a career. Frey leaves such doings to other contemporaries. Rather, the classy late-night feel of After Hours is all about the art of the song, how words are delivered, and the how the combination of piano and voice can touch a listener’s soul. To this extent, Frey’s voice is in peak form, his capability as a torch crooner and sentimental dreamer seemingly unlimited to an extent his careful, tonally balanced deliveries will surprise even the biggest Eagles fan.

Mastered from the original analog master tapes, this 180g LP is made with the same care Frey invested in gems such as “For Sentimental Reasons,” “The Look of Love,” and “It’s Too Soon To Know.” The complete dynamic range, dead-quiet backgrounds, impeccable balances, and ultra-silent surfaces distinguish this analog production, supervised by multi-Grammy-winning engineer and producer Elliot Scheiner. Frey also enlisted Eagles touring band members Richard F.W. Davis and Michael Thompson as co-producers and collaborators. The results are nothing short of exquisite.

AllMusic Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Like so many of his baby boomer peers, Glenn Frey is getting a little misty as he’s reaching his golden years so he’s chosen to look back to the past — all the way past rock & roll and to the standards of the days before Elvis, picking a bunch of classics for the mellow covers album After Hours. Aging rebel that he is, Frey bends the rules a bit so he can shoehorn in songs by Brian Wilson (“Caroline, No”) and Randy Newman (“Same Girl”) along with Burt Bacharach’s “The Look of Love,” the latter suggesting the true vibe of After Hours. It’s halfway between cabaret and lounge, smooth and relaxed and just this side of cornball. Frey has never been a vocal powerhouse, but his subdued singing is a strength here as he eases into the gossamer arrangements, letting everything glide by with poise. It’s music for smoky, romantic late nights — nothing more and nothing less.


• 180g Vinyl
• Mastered from the Original Analog Master Tapes by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Studios in NYC
• Supervised by Grammy-Winning Engineer Elliot Scheiner
• Gatefold Jacket

1. For Sentimental Reasons
2. My Buddy
3. Route 66
4. The Shadow of Your Smile
5. Here’s To Life
1. It’s Too Soon To Know
2. Caroline, No
3. The Look of Love
4. I’m Getting Old Before My Time
5. Same Girl
6. After Hours


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