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Fiesta in Hi-Fi


Reviewer: Dave
It was a true pleasure to see this release come our way this year. I’ve loved these pieces, and performances, since I first heard them in college over 30 years ago, particularly Ron Nelson’s “Savannah River Holiday” which has become rather well-known. (It also was well-done by Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops in a recording for RCA about 10 years or so ago.)
Howard Hanson gets the most out of the Eastman-Rochester Orchestra. While the sound is very good–especially the low end .If you’re interested in these recordings, by all means, get this LP.

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It’s always a pleasure to listen to favorite music again and to nibble a little of that proverbial “ear candy.” The same goes for composers who, at any and all times, collected folk songs and dances on the streets, as it were, in order to incorporate them into their own works. The Americans are no exception and they have always dug busily for musical roots in their territories, as one can see from the numbers “Mexican Rhapsody,” “Kentucky Mountains” and “Savannah River Holiday.” Muted sounds are not to be found here, for the Hi-Fi Fiesta is celebrated with orchestral fireworks, which stress their close relationship with film music. A powerful string sound, paired with salvos from the blaring brass and thunderous drum rolls are just as characteristic of these spirited, effervescent works as are the lyrical, cantabile passages which reach ethereal heights with violin harmonics (“Mexican Rhapsody”). The Eastman-Rochester Orchestra, which here honors two former pupils of the Eastman School of Music – Robert McBride and Ron Nelson – performs the present collection with great spirit and a maximum of glorious sound.


1. Robert McBride: Mexican Rhapsody
2. Ron Nelson: Savannah River Holiday
3. Lyndol Coleman Mitchell: Kentucky Mountain Portraits
4. Charles G. Vardell: Joe Clark Steps Out


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