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Eric Dolphy Quintet featuring Freddie Hubbard – Outward Bound


Dolphy had left his native California and come east as part of Chico Hamilton’s group, settling in New York in 1960 and becoming part of Charles Mingus’s group. This first recording as a leader brought comparisons with Ornette Coleman but the two were really parallel figures in the then-emerging avant-garde.

Dolphy did not eschew ‘changes,’ as Coleman did, but he used them in new ways. This LP was significant not only for his alto saxophone but introduced his individual approach to the flute and, particularly, the bass clarinet.

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Much of the excitement in Jazz is created when a new name comes to light.  Sometimes it is carried from lip to lip with forest fire speed and soon everyone is talking about this new name.  Sometimes the fire is quenched as quickly as it began.  Other times it persists, steadily burning and increasing in intensity, the name continuing to be mentioned and discussed wherever Jazz is the topic.


AllMusic Review by Rovi Staff

The late multi-reed player/composer Eric Dolphy, one of the most pivotal figures in jazz, was a fiercely lyrical, imaginative musician at the forefront of the changes the music underwent in the 1960s. Dolphy, unlike some of his contemporaries, never totally abandoned the bebop approach of soloing over chord changes, but instead took his solos to fresh, expressive heights. Outward Bound, a quintet session from 1960, shows Dolphy in a somewhat transitional phase, his music closer to the hard bop of the late ’50s than the free jazz of the ’60s. “245” is a late-night blues on which Dolphy, on alto, testifies his feeling and loyalty to the form. The standard “Glad to Be Unhappy” is given a lovely, lively reading on flute, with the band providing appropriately spare, sympathetic accompaniment. “Miss Ann” features Dolphy swinging the bass clarinet with joyous abandon, as well as some crackling Freddie Hubbard trumpet. A highlight of this session is the imaginative, tasteful drumming of Roy Haynes, who has played with everyone from Charlie Parker to Pat Metheny.


1. G.W.
2. Green Dolphin Street
3. Les
1. “245”
2. Glad To Be Unhappy
3. Miss Toni


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