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Dvorak : Sextet in A major op.48


Playing chamber music by Antonín Dvorák is not easy. One must find the right mixture between rashness and refinement, folkloristic tone and transparency, flowing melody’s and contrapuntal elaboration. The Auryn quartet, intensified with Christian Altenburger (viola) and Patrick Demenga (violoncello), settles his interpretation of Dvorák’s Sextet in A major op. 48 precisely between these Poles and delights with a sensuous tone and a dream-transforming interplay. Lingenfelder (vl. 1), Jens Oppermann (vol. 2), and Stewart Eaton (viola) also approached Bohemia with melancholic, but never kitschy, with the Op. 74 / 75a. And when in the scherzo of the C major-tercet, syncopated doublehands meet with fine pizzicati, the dance floor is not far. Georg Rudiger

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