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Duke Ellington : Piano In The Foreground

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Produced by the famous jazz producer Irving Townshend, this Ellington trio recording done in one afternoon features the Duke out in front doing what he does best – play piano.

Transferred from the original three-track analog master tapes directly to master lacquer using Bernie Grundman’s all-tube cutting system reveals nuances on this recording never before heard on previous pressings.

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The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4 stars and stated “This rare trio session by Duke Ellington was the first of several in the early ’60s that featured his piano in a variety of settings. It is particularly interesting hearing Ellington, along with three standards and a blues, performing some of his rarer compositions… One wishes that today’s revivalists when playing “the Duke Ellington Songbook” would bring back some of his true obscurities such as the ones on this somewhat forgotten session”.


1. I Can’t Get Started
2. Cong-Go
3. Body and Soul
4. Blues for Jerry
5. Fontainebleau Forest
1. Summertime
2. It’s bad to be Forgotten
3. A Hundred Dreams Ago
4. So
5. Yearning for Love
6. Springtime in Africa


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