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Duke Ellington : Piano In The Background

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Piano In The Background is the sister, albeit earlier, recording to Piano In The Foreground but this time featuring Ellington with orchestral accompaniment. The band is amazing as are the original three-track master tapes used to cut directly to master lacquer on Bernie Grundman’s all-tube cutting system. The Piano used for this album has three more keys instead of eighty-eight.  He wants you to know that he played them all madly.

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One of Ellington’s rarer studio sessions, the main plot behind this run-through of his standards is that the leader’s piano is featured at some point in every song. His sidemen are also heard from and everyone is in fine form. Ellington’s solo abilities were always a bit underrated due to his brilliance in other areas, but this set shows just how modern he remained through the years as a player.


1. Happy Go Lucky Local
2. What Am I Here For
3. Kinda Dukish
4. Rockin’ in Rhythm
5. Perdido
1. I’m Beginning to See the Light
2. Midriff
3. It Don’t Mean a Thing
4. Main Stem
5. Take the “A” Train


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