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Dexter Gordon Quartet – Manhattan Symphonie


From the opening notes of the classic ballad “As Time Goes By,” we are fully aware that we’re in the presence of a master. The tone is luminous; the placement of the notes, impeccable; the feeling profoundly affecting.

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More than almost any other improviser of his caliber, Gordon understands exactly why “the fundamental things apply.” This expanded issue of Manhattan Symphonie includes two bonus tracks: Thelonious Monk’s lustrous “Ruby my Dear” and a previously unreleased on vinyl rendition of “Secret Love,” a Gordon favorite. In addition to the acclaimed writer Pete Hamill’s wonderful original liner notes, there is a lovely reminiscence from pianist George Cables.


1. As Time Goes By
2. Moment’s Notice
3. Tanya
4. Body and Soul
5. I Told You So
6. Ltd
7. Ruby, My Dear
8. Secret Love


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