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Count Basie/The Kansas City 3 – “For The Second Time”

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Once again, Basie’s poetic introductions, precise calibrations of touch and coloration and definitive swing create a joyous program of four venerable standards and an equal number of new blues. Bellson is empathetic throughout and dances with his brushes on “Sandman,” while Brown’s robust tone and earth-moving walking lines bring out the best in Basie the soloist and accompanist.

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Anyone who ever heard Count Basie launch his band into a blues with several choruses of effortless piano has lamented that there is far too little of Basie the soloist among his recorded legacy. This shortage was rectified to a certain extent by the trio albums Basie made with Ray Brown and Louis Bellson in the Seventies, of which this is the sequel to the For the First Time set of the previous year.

Why is an album like this one so important, and why should anyone bother to make it when so much of the spirit which invests it is familiar to us already? It is precisely because of that familiarity that “For the Second Time” is priceless. It renews the ear’s confidence in traditional methods; it is a reminder that there was once a time when jazz recordings did not require programme notes to justify them; it is an underlining of the fact that jazz of this kind, classically austere in its harmonic basis, ravishing romantic in its rhythmic excitement, has never really died out, but has only suffered spells of being unfashionable.

AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

On Count Basie’s second trio album for Pablo, he is reunited with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Louie Bellson. In addition to the expected blues, the main joy of this set is hearing Basie stretch out on such numbers as “If I Could Be with You,” “On the Sunny Side of the Street” and “The One I Love,” tunes he did not play much with his orchestra in this later period.


1. Sandman
2. If I could Be With You One Hour Tonight
3. Draw
4. On The Sunny Side of the Street
5. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
6. Blues for Eric
7. I Surrender, Dear
8. Racehorse


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