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Count Basie Big Band – “Farmers Market Barbecue”


From his earliest days in territory bands in the Southwest, Count Basie had a secret: How to make a collection of instrumentalists generate rhythmic thrust so irresistible that no listener’s foot could remain motionless. Basie’s swing was the opposite of tense. Relaxed is what it was, and powerful.
Through five and a half decades, Basie never lost the ability to infect a band with his swing magic. This edition of his swing machine, recorded just a couple of years before his death, is evidence of the continuing force of that magic.

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This album began the way most of Basie’s projects do. Basie called from somewhere and suggested cryptically that, “Maybe we’ll go into the studio when we’re in L.A. next week and see what happens – maybe cut a few sides”.
The only problem with this album, as with most of Basie’s things, is that he makes it all looks so easy: no sweat, no strain, no politics or causes, only great, natural, life-enriching music.

AllMusic Review by Scott Yanow

This was an excellent outing by the Count Basie Orchestra during its later years. Actually, half of this album features a medium-sized group from Basie’s big band, but his orchestra usually had the feel of a small group anyway. Soloists at this late stage include Eric Dixon and Kenny Hing on tenors, trombonist Booty Wood, altoist Danny Turner and four different trumpeters. The rhythm section is of course instantly recognizable and the music is very much in the Basie tradition.


1. Way Out Basie
2. St. Louis Blues
3. Beaver Junction
4. Lester Leaps In
5. Blues For The Barbecue
6. I Don’t Know Yet
7. Ain’t That Something
8. Jumpin’ At The Woodside


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