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Count Basie : Atomic Basie


Exciting is the word for Basie-exciting and all its most obvious synonyms, electrifying, thrilling, inflaming, arousing. For this band of Basie’s is more exciting, more electrifying, more thrilling, as reviewers have had more than one occasion to point out, than its recordings have usually revealed.

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There has been a plenitude of enthusiasts for the Count Basie band in recent years. For some the great attraction has been the saxophone section or the super-abundance of tenor soloists. For others it has been the brass sound, but however it comes out, and for whomever, the key word is usually that much overworked adjective, exciting.

1. The Kid From Red Bank
2. Duet
3. After Supper
4. Flight of the Foo Birds
5. Double-O
6. Teddy The Toad
1. Whirly-Bird
2. Midnite
3. Splanky
4. Fantail
5. Lil’ Darlin’


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