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Clifford Brown and Max Roach – Study In Brown


The numbers on this particular set have a special distinction: they are the first Brown-Roach combo sides recorded in New York. Although Clifford and Max are by no means representative of West Coast jazz – indeed, their easy-going, naturally swinging performances are in many respects the antithesis of what is often understood by that term – they simply happened to get together in California because Max, who was working out there with the Lighthouse Group at Hermosa Beach, decided to send for Clifford and organize a group with him.

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From the very first second, beginning with the magic drumming of Max Roach, right up to the very last note, this LP will overwhelm listeners with its sheer power – hard bop is certainly no easy fare for lovers of beautiful sounds. One is swept along in a maelstrom into the unknown, and is taken to wherever the soloist’s wealth of ideas leads him. That’s particularly clear in the case of Caravan, Lands End, and Gerkin’ For Perkin: the brilliantly interacting quartet, all of them soloists with “equal rights”, race through the numbers like an express train. The trumpet and the tenor sax – often playing unisono – are not placed at the fore (which would be usual), but are on the same tonal plane as the rhythm group. By this means, a tightly-knit, typical, thrilling sound is achieved, with the result that this album must be counted among the top 100 in the jazz firmament.
Generations of trumpeters have since studied Clifford Brown’s art of playing, who died tragically young in a car accident. Now, thanks to this top-quality re-release, listeners are offered a wonderful opportunity to study this Study In Brown.


1. Cherokee
2. Jacqui
3. Swingin’
4. Lands End
5. George’s Dilemma
6. Sandu
7. Gerkin for Perkin
8. If I love Again
9. Take the A Train


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